Innovation ecosystem



A strong innovation ecosystem is crucial. To fulfill our leadership role and reinforce our innovation footprint for future generations, we also give back to the industry by supporting and sharing our expertise with high-tech startups.

The need for innovation

As the markets of artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things expand, consumers across the world are using ever-more powerful and sophisticated devices that are increasingly interconnected.

These developments drive demand for microchips, which in turn drive demand for the chip-making systems that produce smaller, faster, cheaper, more powerful and energy-efficient microchips. We can only meet this demand by consistently and continuously advancing our technology.



To maintain our pace of innovation we need to develop the right knowledge and share it quickly and efficiently. Faster access to knowledge spurs faster development, allowing problems to be solved as quickly as possible. We have several programs in place to continually build and maintain a solid technical and functional knowledge base across the company.



例如,ASML的研究人员是纳莱科,塔塔钢铁和Vrije Universite的高级研究中心Amsterdam正在合作,为基于透镜的显微镜进行成像表面的新技术。为支持我们的光刻业务,我们还与Carl Zeiss AG以及Cadence Design Systems进行了密切和长期的合作伙伴关系,作为我们整体图案策略的一部分。

ASML和世界着名的研究和创新中心,IMEC也在合作,加快采用EUV光刻进行高批量生产。此外,我们将探讨下一代高NA EUV光刻的潜力,以实现甚至更小的纳米级设备。